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Monkey King Online Rewards Guide

mmorpg strategy guideIn this monkey king online rewards guide we will cover the basics of the online rewards system and the reward hall. The reward hall is made up of 5 different sections which all revolve around daily login rewards to rewards for being online for a length of time. There are additional rewards if you have purchased vip.

The first section of the rewards hall is pretty straight forward as it is like many other games such as wartune, tynon, and league of angels. This section is the daily checkin rewards system that will give you rewards for checking in. To collect all rewards for the month you need to have 26 checkins. There are additional prizes and rewards for those that are vip. Vip users can also checkin for previous days, the higher the vip level the more days you can go back and checkin for.

The 2nd section of the reward hall is for online rewards. The online rewards will give you more rewards the longer you stay online. It works like a slot machine and once you push the lotto button you will be granted random rewards. This section also tracks how many hours you have stayed online for the month and will give you x amount of vouchers if you have been online for 300 hours or more each month. The thrid section of the rewards hall is for level up bonus rewards. You will earn rewards from level 10 to level 70.

Online Bonus Rewards Second Chance

monkey king online game playThe 4th section of the rewards hall gives you rewards based upon entering a code. The enter code section allows you to enter a code to exchange for a gift pack. The codes are obtained through event times and event content that you have participated in.

The last section of the rewards hall is the second chance rewards. The second chance rewards gives you the ability to gain rewards from events or quests that you may have missed the day before. The second chance rewards are from crusade quest, campaign, inferno, peach banquet, karna wars, safeguard, and speculation.

You can choose to spend either gold or taels for the second chance rewards. Using gold will grant you 50% of the missed rewards while using taels will grant you 100% of the rewards that you have missed. Check this section each day and use gold to obtain the extra rewards.

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