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Monkey King Online Multiplayer Dungeon

 game guideThe monkey king online multiplayer dungeon guide will explain the basics of multiplayer battle to obtain the best rewards. Discover how the multiplayer dungeon works and what rewards you can obtain. For each dungeon that you complete you will also earn justice that can be used in the shop.

There are 2 options on the multiplayer dungeon panel that allows you to begin battle. You can choose form team or quick join team. If there are no teams showing under the team section then quick join team option will not function. In this case you need to choose form team and either wait for others to join or you can go into battle by yourself. Once the dungeon loads you will have 59 minutes to complete the dungeon by defeating all 5 lords.

Keep an eye on your health when fighting and make sure your health does not get too low. Continue to fight until you have defeated the first Lord. After defeating each Lord make sure you pickup any drops, drops will be gold, justice, and other random items. Once you have collected everything move on to the nest Lord.

Multiplayer Dungeon AFK Mode

basic energy cardMonkey King Online dungeon allows you to fight in AFK mode and gives you settings for health and other options. In AFK Mode you will fight the current Lord and after defeating him you will auto pickup all the drops. After defeating the first Lord you will be shown a slot machine wheel that will give you extra bonuses for defeating each Lord.

When you have defeated a Lord then your AFK mode will stop. You will need to go to the next Lord and click on your AFK mode again to start battle with that Lord. Some of the drops in the dungeon are stronger equipment, so you want to keep an eye open and equip this new eqipment before going onto the next Lord. This will help you defeat all 5 Lords easier.

After you have defeated all 5 Lords on the first level of the monkey king online dungeon then you simply click on exit after you get your rewards. The next level on the dungeon will now show and you will need to defeat 6 Lords in this dungeon. Each new dungeon will have stronger Lords but also pay you greater rewards.

On the multi-player dungeon panel it will display how many justice you have and also show a button for PvP Pagoda. This is the shop where you exchange your justice for various items that can help you upgrade your character, your mount and even your gems.

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