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MonkeyKing Online Immortals Guide

 game guideThe monkeyking online immortals guide helps you understand the basics of the immortals panel and how to upgrade the immortals stats, battle rating and permaboost. While this is not a complete strategy guide it has been designed to help you understand the basics of how the immortals system works.

The immortals panel will show the current immortals that you have unlocked. Immortals are unlocked by completing main quests and going through the main story of monkey king online. On this panel you have several different options. The first section shows the immortal along with stats and a skill. The skill can be upgraded by clicking on the button below the skill, the popup will tell you the requirments needed to upgrade and offer an upgrade button. Be careful here and watch your use of gold and chi so you don't spend too many resources on upgrading.

The first section also has immortals jewel slots that will allow you to embed jewels on your chosen immortal. The jewels can be obtained through events and bounties. The immortals jewel slots unlock as you upgrade your immortal.

MonkeyKing Online Immortals Strategy

strategy guideOn the 2nd section of the immortals panel you will notice what looks an astral sign that has circle spots with an arrow pointing to the circle. These circle spots can be upgraded by spending gold and chi. Each upgrade will cost more so pay close attention to your gold and chi. An upgrade can fail thus still costing you gold and chi.

The idea here is to upgrade each one of the circles until you reach the center and complete the upgrades. Once you successfully complete the last upgrade all circles will be lit up and an upgrade button will display in the center of the astral. Clicking on the upgrade will bring up a popup box for you to start the upgrade or ascend the immortal.

Certain materials are required for you to start the ascend process. It will shopw on this screen exactly what you need in order to upgrade. The upgrade process will increase the permaboost and the battle rating of the immortal. Each immortal will show characer stats and what the maximum permaboost is for each immortal.

Increasing the permaboost and battle rating of your immortals is an excellent way to increase your fighting stats and abilities. Try to focus more on the powerful immortals instead of the lower end ones.

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