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MonkeyKing Online Goddesses Guide

 game guideThe monkey king online goddesses strategy guide will help you understand how to obtain Goddesses to help you fight your way through Monkey King Online. Learn the many different benefits of having a Goddess fight by your side and how you can build up that Goddess to be even stronger.

Currently in MonkeyKing online there are 6 Goddesses that can be unlocked. These 6 Goddesses have different requirements that must be met before you can unlock and use them to help you fight. The Goddesses are Dragoness, Phoenicia, Lady Veridian, Nuwa, Bai Jing-Jing and Lady Violet. The first and easiest Goddess to unlock is Lady Veridian because the requirements are that you login 7 days.

Some of the Goddesses in Monkey King Online require that you meet more advanaced requirements to unlock them. Clicking on each Goddess will open a panel up that will explain the requirements needed to unlock that Goddess. Dragoness is one of the hardest to unlock with a requirement of level 70 be reached and obtaining 50 Dragon Quartz.

MonkeyKing Online Goddess Bonding

boost battle ratingOnce you have obtained a Goddess you will be able to bond with her to increase the stats of that Goddess. Bonding with your Goddess requires certain items and/or gold (depending upon the level of the goddess this changes). Bonging with your Goddess has several benefits that will help you along your quests and campaigns while playing Monkey King Online.

One of the benefits of bonding with your Goddess is that it will increase her fighting abilities. This is the permaboosted stats which consist of the increase of HP (health), ATK (attack), and DEF (defense). Each of these attributes will show when they next increase so you can decide upon how many resources to use when building up each of these Goddesses. Each time you level up your Goddess the bonus stats will increase which will help you during difficult fights.

Another benefit of bonding with your chosen Goddess is that there are deploy boost battle rating stats. The deploy option becomes available when you unlock the Goddess. Once you deploy there will be an increase in your over-all battle rating making fights a little more easier. These battle rating boosts have a maximum limit and are different with each Goddess.

If you have more than 1 goddess unlocked then you have the option to deploy the one you wish to apply to your fighting strategy. On the Goddess panel you have the option to deploy and the option to rest. The rest option will remove that Goddess from your group and remove any stats bonuses that you may have.

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