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Monkey King Online Daily Quests

 game guideThe monkey king online daily quests guide will walk you through the basics of doing daily quests and show you how important it is to building up a strong character. Discover the differences in the monkey king online daily quests and how they best help you to increase your power and battle rating.

The daily quests panel is broken up into 3 different sections with the first one being the main quests, second being the daily quests and the third section being the guild quests. The main quests will show you the current active quest that you need to complete before progressing on with the monkey king online story. It will show you the rewards and the objective for each quests. You also can access the previously done quests.

The daily quests are a group of quests known as loop quests and when you complete all of them you will be rewarded 5-star rewards. The daily quests which consist of 20 quests can be instantly completed for 99 taels. You also have the option of completing each quest for a set number of taels.

Monkey King Online Guild Quests

monkey king online cheatsThe third section on the quests panel is the guild quests which should be completed by a group effort from your guild. Like the daily quest there are a total of 20 quests which can be completed all at once for 99 taels. You will find the quest and rewards mentioned on this panel, completing them all will give you some amazing rewards.

Daily quests and guild quests have 2 options. The current quests allows you to increase the difficulty level by spending gold. The rewards also allow you to increase the amount of rewards by spending gold. The higher the star rating on these items the better rewards you will get.

Doing all your daily and guild quests everyday will allow you to obtain a great deal of resources which can then be used to upgrade your character, upgrade your mount, and upgrade your eternals. With these resources you will increase your battle rating making the main quests easier to complete.

An excellent strategy to use in order to build a strong character fast in monkey king online is to complete as many daily and guild quests as possible. Save these resources and build up as much as you can then start upgrading your character, your goddess, your mount and etc.

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