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Monkey King Online Character Building

character statsThe monkey king online basic character stats and building guide will take you through several different sections in monkeyking online that will help you build up your character stats and equipment for higher battle ratings. Discover how you can increase your over-all battle rating that will allow you to complete difficult quests and fights.

The forge is one place that can be used to upgrade your equipment by adding extra stats bonuses through blessings. You will need to place equipment that you want to upgrade in the required battle rating box. Then you will need to place unused equipment in the blessing box provided. You have the option to bless standard stats, advanced stats and supreme stats. Bless multiple times to stack more bonuses on each item. Blessings do have a chance to fail but will still grant you a huge amount of experiance.

The character panel has several tabs that you can open to help you increase your battle rating and character stats. The gear tab allows you to enchant your equipment that will add stars and increase the equipment abilities. With each successful star the success rate will go down but can be increased by using taels. Enchantment also cost Enchantment stones and gold coins. Enchantment stones can be obtained from pvp pagoda, shop, guild shop, dungeon and monster drops.

Monkey King Online Mount Ascension

mount ascensionOn the character panel there is a tab for mounts. This tabs gives you several options that ca be used to increase the battle rating of your mount and increase the over-all abilities and battle rating of your character. Just like you can add equipment to your character you can do the same to your mount. Adding a saddle, reins, stirrup and/or mask will help increase the mounts stats. Each of these equipments can also be blessed and enchanted just like your characters equipment.

On the mount panel you also have a button that will allow you to ascend your mount to increase it's battle rating, stats and look. The ascension requires that you obtain mount ords to increase the ability of an upgrade. Each upgrade that you complete will cost more mount ords. Mount orbs can be obtained from pvp pagoda, shop, guild shop, events, and from monster drops.

The character panel has a tab for gems that allow you to upgrade the current gems you have to increase the stats bonus. The gem types are Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Malachite, and Sunstone. First you can active the gems and then upgrade them using Gem Cores. Each upgrade will cost more gem cores and in order to upgrade you will need to reach a certain experiance progress. The progress will be different with each upgrade. Gem cores can be obtained from pvp pagoda, shop, guild shop, dungeon clear rewards and monster drops.

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