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Monkey King Online Challenge Guide

 game guideThe monkey king online challenge guide will help you understand how to the challenge section in the game works and what the different sections are for in the game. This basic guide has been designed to help you get started and is not a complete strategy guide by any means.

There are 5 different sections in the monkey king online challenge panel. Clicking on the icon towards the top of the screen will open the challenges panel. You will be presented with 5 different tabs - Melee, Campaign, Venture, Eternals and Purgatory Derby. Each of these different sections offer different challenges for you to overcome and defeat for excellent rewards and bonuses.

The first section is melee which is also the easiest of the 5 section to get started. In the melee section you will fight against enemies (currently it is only level 1 - level 8 with level 9 and level 10 saying coming soon). The Exalted Magister is the first level you will need to pass before you continue. Clicking on the magister will auto navigate you to him and fight him for the rewards that are specified when you hover over his picture.

Venture - Eternals - Campaign

monkey king online campaignThe 2nd section on the monkey king online challenge panel is the campaign. The campaign is made up of 4 different difficulty levels with each offer their own rewards and each only opens when you complete the previous level. You must defeat a set number of enemies within a certain time limit and defeat the boss on that level. After you are done a screen opens where you can collect your rewards. The campaign challenge does allow AFK Mode for auto fighting.

The 3rd section on the monkey king online challenge panel is Venture. The venture is made up of 4 different sections that unlock when you reach a certain level and unlock only during certain times of the day. Each section tells you the level required and the time it opens. Some section have a limited number of attempts such as the safeguard which allows 3 attempts per day. Each of these sections offers different things for you to complete for different rewards.

The 4th section on the monkey king online challenge panel is Eternals. The enternals section has 9 different levels to complete with each level having 4 different Boss fights. You can begin fighting each boss by hovering your mouse over them and clicking. Each level offers different rewards with bonuses rewards for being the fastest to complete that level. Eternals allows you to fight Bosses for a chance at getting legendary equipment, talismans, rare artifact shards and more.

MonkeyKing Online challenge panel allows you to gain great rewards with many different challenges.

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